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.NET Intra-Net Solution

One of Irelands top Financial Institutions intra-net system had a unique issue with over 40 different branches across the country and over 3000 employee’s, how does everyone keep up with the bank’s events/marketing material or even just to see who is in their teams across verticals?

Intra-Net Solution

We recommended a custom built .NET solution completely in a secure Azure Cloud managed end to end with the latest security features such as 2-factor authentication, XSS proofing and also provided a custom User dashboard which tracked end-user actions including briefing marketing material such as posters, banners, digital ads, print material and had the following features:

  1. Admin Privileges – adding, editing, deleting and archiving users
  2. Usage Details – pages viewed, orders created/cancelled, time spent on editing marketing material, marketing brief amendments
  3. Fixed Vendor Management – only bank approved vendors were allowed with unique codes such that end user would directly create the order on the vendor’s system via API’s custom built to work with their systems with a direct channel of communication to receive order updates.
  4. Content Library – a completely customisable content library to view, edit or order with a simple 3 click system. Add to Cart, Enter Cost Code & Deliver to a bank branch
  5. Image Editor – a full rich editor was created such that designers would upload material which could be editable as per the requirements created within the collateral so essentially image editing restrictions could be set by selecting the image, text or even highlight a box where edits could be made
  6. Smart Briefing – a full briefing system was created to create briefing forms & a direct communication system whereby designers would upload their designs and a simple yes or no comment system would be employed such that all versions/edits could be seen at one go and the time would be tracked from briefing right through to go live, improving efficiency and better time management
  7. Security – as this was an internal system deployed on the bank’s systems, security was paramount. The system went through 3 individual stress tests and security tests to ensure the best level of security possible
  8. Easy UX – the UX was completely focussed on discovery rather than the transactional value so each element was designed to take the end user on a journey
  9. Completely Customizable – the entire web front end was created by HTML & CSS so anything could be tested, amended or changed to suit the demanding needs of the banking teams
  10. Cost friendly – the entire cost of system implementation & maintenance worked out to be 1/10th of a competitors price due to a one-time cost model rather than the SAAS pay as you go service

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